S E N S E S.

You are safe here. This is a judgement-free zone. You have landed in a cozy, comfy nest high above any societal strains you may struggle with. There is no implied pressure here that you must conform and adhere to socially accepted standards, expectations, and out-dated conventions. Inequality, ignorance, arrogance, negativity and hate do NOT exist here.

Within the security of this nest, we are safe to explore the often overlooked delicate intricacy of our lives, our relationships, our Great Mother. This is a place to establish peace of mind by accepting ourselves and our mistakes, practising gratitude, and reflecting upon and discovering connections between life’s learnings.

Our personal growth is stunted when we make snap judgements and our souls suffer when we practise dismissive behaviour. We have so much to learn and sometimes our answers are not found in science and fact, but instead within metaphors and stories.

I hope that by sharing my story, expressed through channels of honest and organic creativity, that you will be inspired to think outside the box; to read between the lines; and to recognize there’s more to life than what meets the eye.

An open heart, allows for a strong connection to Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit (or Aether). The connection is not loud, nor is it pretentious, it’s neither exaggerated nor self indulgent. It is a gift. And the ability to genuinely experience the elements, is exceptionally enhanced here in the Okanagan. And for that I am eternally grateful. Perhaps this little poemy thing I wrote describes it best by echoing the underlying theme of The Elements:

Fallen from Aether, she is quietly captured by Earth’s soft Air, 
Who’s gentle wind whisks her away to the warmth of Fire’s intoxicating Love, 
To soon be calmed and restored by the free-flowing whispers of Water’sFall.


If you are curious – here’s a bit about me…

I’m a proud Okanagan (OK) transplant, originally from the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Ever since I migrated to the OK, I’ve been routinely inspired by the engaging vibe of comfort and peace; amidst the alternately refreshing exuberance that fills the fresh, soft Okanagan air.

During my existence on Earth, I’ve dabbled in different jobs, done bits and pieces of post secondary, travelled here and there, been in and out of relationships, enjoyed some insanely High Highs, and suffered through and survived some rock-bottom-type-of-shit Lows. While witnessing some wild stuff along the way; soaking up all the experiences – both the Good and the Bad.

Nowadays I’m a Realtor®, Artist, Writer and Etsy Shop Owner by trade… but most importantly I’m a cat-mom to a badass boy-cat named Catrick Swayze (Tricky)! And in a nutshell… I’m artsy AF, love a good escape, have a weirdly long attention span, think abstractly, am slightly rebellious and sometimes self destructive. I have not led a conventional life, nor do I have any desire to. And last but not least, I’m super sensitive to all my senses and surroundings… So be nice if you leave a comment, k? 😉

I hope that by experiencing my creative journey through the lens of Okanagan Elements, that you will feel encouraged to gift yourself with moments of stillness; remember to listen to the silence; engage with your surroundings; and to truly feel and embrace the essence of The Elements, as they apply and exist in your world.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m happy you are here.




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