Melissa Tocheri Real Estate COMING SOON!

Exciting Update!

Okanagan Elements will be merging with Melissa Tocheri Real Estate! So if you’re feeling inspired by any of the content in Okanagan Elements and would like to consider entertaining the idea of relocating to this spectacular section of Earth, I’d be thrilled to assist you with your search – starting right here!

What Will This Entail?

Melissa Tocheri Real Estate will feature all the tools needed to search for any type of real estate that’s currently listed on the market anywhere in the Okanagan, British Columbia! Whether that be a new home, a piece of land, an income producing property; whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to find it by using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Search tool which will update automatically as new listings hit the market.

And the best part is – you’ll be able to browse all the listings for FREE, with the option to easily book viewings and/or ask questions. However, you will NOT find any annoying ads in your way. Nor will you encounter any pop-ups demanding that you enter your contact information… and for that reason, I can assure you that I will NEVER sneakily use your contact info to relentlessly call/text/email.. and well, basically stalk you… not that I’ve ever seen any of my fellow Realtors do such a thing… LOL 🙄 

Stay tuned!


Melissa Tocheri

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I'm Melissa. I write stuff. I make stuff. I draw stuff. I sell houses. Hi.

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