Pinot Themes & Rosé Dreams

Marilyn Monroe drinking Dom Perignon champagne with Lawrence Schiller during a photo shoot.
Marilyn Monroe drinking Dom Perignon champagne with Lawrence Schiller during a photo shoot (circa 1962).

So what is one to do when nature walks, comfort foods, meditation, bubble baths and all those other natural (a.k.a. weak) endorphin boosters won’t work to lift your mood?

WINE that’s what. And lots of it. Chardonnays, Pinot Grigios, Malbecs and Merlots; order it by the bottle, don’t be shy, you’re in Okanagan wine country after all! Being a lush and routinely partaking in liquid lunches is allowed around here, in fact, it’s rude not to!

Especially since the Okanagan is home to so much natural goodness. Our valleys are flooded with sprawling, sunny vineyards, which during the harvest season, overflow with grape vines drenched in robust, crisp, oaked, spicy, foxy and flamboyant varietals – oh my. All of which eagerly wait to be picked, crushed, fermented, aged and bottled for your sipping pleasure.

So go ahead, stumble on down to a few local wineries and gift yourself with that day of wine tasting debauchery you so much deserve. Just do yourself a solid and don’t schedule any work related meetings the following morning… or afternoon, let’s be real.

To get you started on your delish and dreamy journey, here are a few of Okanagan Elements’ local South Okanagan favourites…

Disclaimer: Okanagan Elements' favourites are based on the wineries which pour the most generously, tell the best stories in their tasting rooms, have the most beautiful lake views, oh ya and the ones with the best wines! …But seriously ALL the Okanagan wineries have amazing wines so you really can't lose.
Warning: Please don't be a moron and drink & drive… call a cab, call your husband/wife, call your friend, call your mom, bicycle, walk, crawl, whatever - just don't operate a vehicle under the influence. 

In no specific order:

Bench 1775

Located at 1775 Naramata Bench Road, in the heart of wine country on the Southern Shore of Lake Okanagan, Bench 1775 is rated one of B.C.’s Top 4 Wineries! Bench’s carefully balanced, vibrant vineyards are the cornerstone of their impeccable tasting wines. Relax on the patio while taking in the spectacular, full spectrum view of Okanagan Lake.

See Ya Later Ranch

Bring your pup along to See Ya Later Ranch and let him or her play in their Barking Lot! This historical winery, purchased in 1920 by Major Hugh Fraser, is one that you CAN’T MISS. See Ya Later Ranch’s savory wines celebrate the lively legacy of its originator, Major Hugh Fraser; a philanthropic, colourful character who loved his furry friends and never missed a great party. Your heart will be happy after hearing the delightful, fun and inspirational tales told in See Ya Later Ranch’s tasting room. Mine certainly was.

Howling Bluff

A family-owned estate winery, dedicated to producing small lots of remarkable wine, Howling Bluff takes pride in growing all their own vines. When you visit their cozy tasting room, you might even get to meet Luke Smith, the Proprietor and Winemaker himself. Luke will have you entertained with his engaging stories and genuine love for wine-making! Be sure to try their Rosé – it’s DELISH.

Ruby Blues

You can’t miss the psychedelic Volkswagen bus parked out front this funky retro, rock n roll winery! Go to Ruby Blues for a great time; not only is their wine is fun, but their swag, staff and signature stiletto shoes are a riot too! Ruby Blues is a must-see on your wine tour!

Blasted Church

You won’t forget how Blasted Church’s name originated, a tale happily told in their tasting room! Each of their wines tells a tasty story too. Listen as you sip away on their stunning patio, overlooking the sparkling Skaha Lake in Okanagan Falls.

Cheers to happy wine times!

By Melissa Tocheri

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