Saging for Solace

Drained by the takers, the pure soul suffers...

Like a magnet Dark is drawn to her spirit aglow
Her now radiant light, she soon will not know

What she perceives to be love is Dark’s disguised lust,
But her heart is so pure, therefore blindly she trusts

From her lack of protection by the White Light 
She is gradually stripped of her energy, bright

Shape-shifting to symbols of strength and security 
Dark attaches himself to her garden of purity

Fool me once but you will not twice 
For a sacred spirit has discovered her light

But his heavy shadows are strongly cast 
She must suffer some more before they will pass

Dark lingers around like a sickening aura
Her soul is now soothed by Natura’s flora

Guided by Air she drifts to White Sage 
Suddenly Dark shrivels, in moments he’s aged

She floats on a Feather and rings the Brass Bell 
Summoned back down to darkness, he rapidly fell.

By Melissa Tocheri

Author: Melissa Tocheri, hiking in Naramata, British Columbia, Canada (Okanagan Region)


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I'm Melissa. I write stuff. I make stuff. I draw stuff. I sell houses. Hi.

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