Dimes From Heaven

Christopher Tocheri (1993-2016) RIP ♡

Thank you Chris for the dimes in my pocket 
I keep them close to my heart, enclosed in a locket

Sent to me from above in times of despair 
Instilling some hope, by knowing you’re there

During weeks when the pain was too big for my being 
Desperation and death were all I was seeing

The dread of each morning, another day to wait through 
Barely existing and wishing I could end with it too

A line crosses out all my feelings of joy 
Well-being is programmed to delete and destroy

Feelings of isolation rush over the soul 
Societal strains which we cannot uphold

Feeling judged for our sickness makes healing impossible 
They look at us like we are somehow responsible

As if suffering in darkness all day is a choice 
Motivation is absent so there’s no drive to voice

Unhealthy in makeup is the only remedy 
Why are consequences attached to the only serenity?

I have a whole new compassion for the hell you went through 
Suffering sadly in silence with the pain no one knew

As I write this poem my eyes fill with tears 
From the torture you felt through your 23 years

I miss chilling with you on the holidays near 
We’d interrupt fear as we drank Christmas cheer

Fam thought we were nuts we’d be laughing for hours 
Over indulging gave us a false sense of power

Selfishly I wish we could back up and reverse 
The most beautiful souls are the ones taken first

Up in the stars you are now, and in my heart you remain 
I’ll be holding it down until I see you again.

By Melissa Tocheri

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I'm Melissa. I write stuff. I make stuff. I draw stuff. I sell houses. Hi.

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