The Elements ~ In Essence

N A T U R E I S H O M E. It’s OUR home. We, as a collective whole, live here on Earth together. And what a remarkable Earth she is, enveloped in the security of her atmosphere; she provides the protection required to allow her incredibly intricate design of cohesive connectivity to flourish, grow, and renew. Each particle has a purpose; a procedure, so to speak. When Earth’s procedures are each followed correctly, and more importantly, without the interruption of outside forces, each particle has the opportunity to not only let itself flourish, but to also support the flourishing and life cycles of all its surrounding particles, plants, and natural life forms.

The outside forces referred to above, are humans. Where do we fit into the whole scheme of things?

A question which we have tried, and will continue to try to answer via many different methods, including faith, science and spirituality. All of which have helped many of us find peace within ourselves. The key word being “ourselves” which is derived from the word “self” and is also the root of the word “selfish”. Which by definition, means to lack consideration for others; to be concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Sadly, “selfish” generally describes humanity’s overall, historical interaction with Earth.

She who began as plentiful, now struggles to continue her generous offerings of natural wealth. 

Due to the greedy and thankless hands of mankind who instead of working harmoniously with Earth, have taken, destroyed and abused her for countless years. 

However, Earth, being so graciously forgiving, still extends her once strong, but now much weaker olive branch to us humans, giving us an opportunity to salvage what is left of our relationship with her.

Inviting us to appreciate and respect her natural environment, while also loving and protecting her intricately balanced design. She challenges us to utilize our most powerful asset and our most unique strength: the human mind. To strategize a plan WITH Earth, encouraging us to rise above our old, weak and selfish habits. To explore beyond the ordinary re-use of uncreative answers, quick fixes and short-sighted solutions. Because if the old school, tried, tested and tired methods are the extent to which our human minds choose to achieve; and if we are too uninspired to rise above the mediocrity that has plagued modern society; then we are failing tremendously as a human race. Instead, Earth challenges us to do BETTER. To think wiser, act stronger, communicate with a heightened sense of awareness, and to feel and behave with more empathy. 

Once armed with the power of empathy and wisdom, encouraged through effective communication, we will be equipped with the strength to establish an enhanced intricate plan of cohesive connectivity.

A support system which allows not only Earth, herself, to freely flourish and grow, but one which also enables us as humans, to continue to develop. To improve upon our technologies, modernize our infrastructure and create innovative, economic and sustainable solutions without the degradation of our Great Mother. Allowing each of us, and generations to come, to live our best life, alongside, together, and in support of Earth.

By Melissa Tocheri

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I'm Melissa. I write stuff. I make stuff. I draw stuff. I sell houses. Hi.

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